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Comment accumuler ses bagues ?

How to accumulate rings?

Our little wonders are designed to be accumulated, layered and never tired of! If you are as addicted to Mix & Match as we are, this article is for you!

Mix & Match

When it comes to jewelry: there is never enough! The trend is indeed towards accumulation! Mix&Match pieces have an infinite number of possible combinations that adapt to all styles and best express your personality. Below are our little tips for a flawless look! The accumulation of jewelry is a great way to express your character, your style and your personality, so do not hesitate to do so.

Where should you start?


Choose a strong piece and surround it with finer rings.


Favor the asymmetry between each finger.


Avoid mixing different colored stones, zircons can however be mixed with colored stones.

Our accumulation ideas


Less than 100chf