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Les boucles


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Buckle Mony
Buckle Mony Sale priceCHF 34.00
Boucles Samira - lestresorsdejasmineBoucles Samira - lestresorsdejasmine
Samira earrings Sale priceCHF 49.00
Boucles Adry - lestresorsdejasmine
Adry earrings Sale priceCHF 82.00
Monaya Buckle
Monaya Buckle Sale priceCHF 36.00
Sold outBoucle Dahli - lestresorsdejasmine
Dahli Loop Sale priceCHF 10.00 Regular priceCHF 19.00
Sold outBoucle Any - lestresorsdejasmine
Any Loop Sale priceCHF 24.00
Sold outBoucle Lena - lestresorsdejasmine
Lena Buckle Sale priceCHF 30.00
Sold outBoucle Samantha - lestresorsdejasmine
Samantha Loop Sale priceCHF 17.00 Regular priceCHF 34.00
Mini créole OCE  Doré - lestresorsdejasmineMini créole OCE  Doré - lestresorsdejasmine
Océ loop Sale priceCHF 34.00
Loop Lexia
Loop Lexia Sale priceCHF 22.00
Boucle Lucia - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Lucia - lestresorsdejasmine
Lucia Loop Sale priceCHF 32.00
Boucle Adèle - lestresorsdejasmine
Adele Loop Sale priceCHF 34.00
Boucle Onalia - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Onalia - lestresorsdejasmine
Onalia Buckle Sale priceCHF 36.00
Boucle Brigitte - lestresorsdejasmine
Brigitte buckle Sale priceCHF 34.00
Sold outBoucle Clara - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Clara - lestresorsdejasmine
Clara Buckle Sale priceCHF 19.00
Boucle Edan - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Edan - lestresorsdejasmine
Edan Loop Sale priceCHF 34.00
Sold outLyn ear ring
Lyn ear ring Sale priceCHF 10.00 Regular priceCHF 34.00
Nao ear ring
Nao ear ring Sale priceCHF 10.00 Regular priceCHF 34.00
Thea ear cuff
Thea ear cuff Sale priceCHF 10.00 Regular priceCHF 34.00
Sold outBO Mini Créole Evana - lestresorsdejasmine
Mini hoop Evana Sale priceCHF 34.00
BO Mini Créole Ofelia - lestresorsdejasmine
Mini hoop Ofelia Sale priceCHF 36.00
Mini Créole Joanne - lestresorsdejasmine
Joanne mini hoop Sale priceCHF 34.00
Sold outBoucle Zélie - lestresorsdejasmine
Zelie buckle Sale priceCHF 24.00
Sold outBoucle Boby - lestresorsdejasmine
Buckle Buckle Sale priceCHF 32.00
Sold outBoucles Pama - lestresorsdejasmineBoucles Pama - lestresorsdejasmine
Pama earrings Sale priceCHF 89.00
Charm's Soho (étoile) - lestresorsdejasmineCharm's Soho
Charm's Soho Sale priceCHF 16.00
Charm's Sana (zc) - lestresorsdejasmine
Charm's Sana Sale priceCHF 15.00
charm's Fabia (flèche) - lestresorsdejasmine
Charm's Fabia Sale priceCHF 15.00
Sold outBoucle Romane - lestresorsdejasmine
Roman Loop Sale priceCHF 32.00
Sold outCharm's GHINA (goutte) - lestresorsdejasmineCharm's Ghina
Charm's Ghina Sale priceCHF 15.00
Sold outBoucles Adriane - lestresorsdejasmine
Adriana earrings Sale priceCHF 89.00
Boucles Adriana - lestresorsdejasmine
Adriana earrings Sale priceCHF 74.00
Adonis earrings
Adonis earrings Sale priceCHF 64.00
Boucles Sorya - lestresorsdejasmineBoucles Sorya - lestresorsdejasmine
Sorya earrings Sale priceCHF 62.00
Sold outBoucle Mary - lestresorsdejasmine
Mary loop Sale priceCHF 36.00
Boucle Pipo - lestresorsdejasmineboucle oreille femme, boucle oreille cadeau
Pipo buckle Sale priceCHF 18.00
Boucle Mya - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Mya - lestresorsdejasmine
Mya Buckle Sale priceCHF 22.00
Boucle Eden - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Eden - lestresorsdejasmine
Eden Loop Sale priceCHF 15.00
Boucle Aurélia - lestresorsdejasmineAurelia buckle
Aurelia buckle Sale priceCHF 15.00
Boucle Maï - lestresorsdejasmine
Mai loop Sale priceCHF 22.00
Boucle Eliane - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Eliane - lestresorsdejasmine
Eliane Loop Sale priceCHF 34.00
Sold outBoucles Naë - lestresorsdejasmine
Nae earrings Sale priceCHF 15.00
Boucle Adé - lestresorsdejasmineBoucle Adé - lestresorsdejasmine
Buckle Ade Sale priceCHF 22.00
Sold outAnia earringsAnia earrings
Ania earrings Sale priceCHF 37.00 Regular priceCHF 74.00
Suna earringsSuna earrings
Suna earrings Sale priceCHF 34.00
Flora stockingsFlora stockings
Flora stockings Sale priceCHF 42.00
Daisy Loop
Daisy Loop Sale priceCHF 32.00
Stockings LuciaStockings Lucia
Stockings Lucia Sale priceCHF 49.00